Social Media Marketing

Word on the Web Marketing takes an individual and personal approach to your social media marketing. First, we do a comprehensive online analysis of your business. We suggest a monthly social media package inclusive of the number of post and platforms based on your budget. WOW marketing social media can essentially work within any budget. Our customers are small to mid-sized companies with varying social media needs and platforms. WOW marketing adapts to your business' social media marketing needs. Specializing in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and industry specific sites, we build a social media marketing campaign tailored specifically to your business. This unique approach engages your audience and drives business to your "proverbial," door.

Client Highlight: Elhaj Custom Food Trucks. In April of 2018 Elhaj contracted Word on the Web Marketing to build a Facebook page and manage it. Two years later Elhaj has 5,732 likes, 5,815 followers and counting. All website content is written and uploaded by WOW marketing as is all of their social media. This expediential growth was possible through marketing campaigns, social listening, growth hacking, analytics, original content and most importantly: customer engagement.

Content Writing

Content writing is Word on the Web Marketing's wheelhouse. The owner, Paula Ann McLaren, is a prolific and creative writer of fiction. An author of two works of fiction and countless short stories, Paula easily translated into writing unique and relevant content for WOW marketing clients. After a careful analysis of your business; writing blogs, newsletters and website content is not only enjoyable but second nature. But there is more to content writing then just showcasing your products or services. Content writing is carefully crafted using industry specific keywords.

Client Highlight: Fairfax Station Nails and Spa is a thriving nail salon and spa. In addition to handling their social media marketing, Word on the Web Marketing also writes their monthly blogs. The reality is that most of your clients will not read your blogs but Google does and for organic SEO Google is all that matters. This is why WOW researches keywords via social listening.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is all about you, your business and your mission. Word on the Web Marketing achieves this through understating our clients and their business. What is your target audience? What are you selling? What are your business' goals? What are your stories? Where can we grow? The answers determine your brand marketing. In some cases it is the individual, in other cases it is the business. Ultimately, brand marketing is all about gapping the bridge between your personality, identity and values to your service or product and your target customer via original content. This is where Word on the Web Marketing promotes your services to represent your brand. Story telling and humanizing you and your business is paramount for brand marketing.

Client Highlight: The Eyewear Gallery is all about Dr. Dawn. She is the perfect representation of her brand: classy, gorgeous, brilliant and motivated. Dr. Dawn's brand awareness on social media and her website has transformed her business into what she represents, not only for herself but for her clients. Through social media marketing strategies her customers relate to more than her as an eye doctor offering services and products; but also as a likeable and real person.

Website Marketing

Many clients that Word on the Web Marketing meets has website companies that cost them a small fortune for doing little for organic SEO. It is not enough to post an image or even put up fresh content. The magic is behind the scene. This takes place in alternative text, captions, descriptions, image sizes, titles and keywords. For instance, the reason Word on the Web Marketing is a constant in this page is because that is exactly how Google recognizes your business in a search. Repetition of searchable keywords. Word on the Web Marketing updates and maintains websites for many of our clients, inclusive of fresh content and images.

Client Highlight: Sarah Safa is a well know and respected MS, PAC and Aesthetics' specialist. Her burgeoning business is a culmination of the fact that she is an artist and professional at everything she does: social media marketing, content writing, website marketing and brand marketing. In fact, her brand awareness is so strong that Word on the Web Marketing was hired to assist in her social media presence.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is widely considered the best approach to retain and attract potential clients. Word on the Web Marketing is a solution provider for Constant Contacts. Constant Contacts provides beautiful, professional templates and the ability to retain analytics on read and click thorough rates. As long as you have a client email list WOW Marketing can get your word to your clients. Email marketing is also an excellent opportunity to personalize your business image through story telling.

Client Highlight: JDS Construction Word on the Web has had the pleasure of having JDS Construction as a client since 2015. Writing newsletters has not only been a showcase of JDS Construction LLC's unbelievable work but has been a delight for Word on the Web Marketing, because WOW Marketing loves interior design!


Marketing Campaigns:  WOW creates and implements industry specific marketing campaigns tailored to highlight your services/product.

Social Listening: WOW monitors your industry, competition and conversations in order to engage customers and fine tune social media marketing strategies.

Growth Hacking: WOW creates a growth plan for your business. This is accomplished through customer engagement, social listening and social media marketing strategies.

Analytics: WOW uses Sprout Social to provide concrete analytics to support ROI and to continuously improve social media marketing strategies.

Customer Engagement: WOW utilizes and/or produces images and videos that showcase the spirit of your business. Specifically, images and videos that demonstrate the energy surrounding your business. This approach is enhanced by content motivated story telling.

Original Content: WOW takes the time to get to know you, your business, your services/products and goals. It is this individual attention that makes social media marketing strategies personal and relatable to your customers.

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