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Meet Paula Ann:

Extremely social and loves connecting with people through real interactions. A writer by passion and sales and marketing expert by profession; Paula absolutely loves helping businesses grow.

From Paula Ann:

“Social media marketing is super important to creating your brand and driving business to your proverbial door. This is why my team, and I, would love to chat with you and then do a free, thorough analysis of your web presence.  What differentiates Word on the Web Marketing from every other Social Media Marketing company is this: Individual Attention. We get to know you, your business, your existing and potential customers first. Next, we tailor a strategic marketing campaign that reflects your business’ brand and message. A campaign that quickly builds customer awareness of your brand and your product offerings/services. With cleverly crafted messages, precise customer market analysis, creative and successful social media campaigns, WOW Marketing swiftly identifies and targets your customer base. We connect and speak with your audience with real enthusiasm and engage with them to build relationships. This way, you can keep your focus where it needs to be: Running your business.

Why does your business need an online presence?

Well, marketing and advertising has changed. When a potential customer wants to find a business do they thumb through the Yellow Pages? What even is that, anymore? Open their ValPak? Maybe. Flip through the local paper…probably not. What they mostly do is “Google,” they “Yelp,” they see what pops up. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, then your business doesn’t pop up, but your competition may. And what happens after that potential customer finds you? They want to see if you’re credible. How do they do that? They check your website, your google reviews, your Facebook business page, your IG. Your potential customer wants to see what you’re saying about your business, and more importantly, what other people are saying about your business. And none of that is possible without online engagement.

That is where WOW marketing comes in. We offer monthly packages tailored to your business to increase your online presence and engagement. This gets your word on the web and engages your audience while keeping your focus where it needs to be: Running your business. And we do it all without breaking the bank.

Thank you,

Paula Ann

The bottom line is this: you know your business and WOW Marketing knows how to get your word on the web.

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